Options University is a Socially-Minded Company That Donates to Global Causes and Charities, led By President, Founder, and Philanthropist Brett Fogle

Below you can see some of the recent philanthropic and charitable causes that Options University has sponsored and raised money for. Over $125,000 has been raised and donated by Options University since 2009 to worthy charities such as Virgin Unite, The Caring House Foundation (benefitting Haiti), Wounded Warriors, The American Breast Cancer Society, Cancer Research, the Make a Wish Foundation, The American Red Cross, and many moreā€¦


Options University has raised and donated over $121,000 to various global charities, including the Caring House Project, Virgin Unite, Wounded Warriors, The American Red Cross, Breast Cancer Society, Make a Wish, the ASPCA, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

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Options University president Brett Fogle stands with Caring House founder Frank McKinney holding a check raised by the group in the amount of $78,600. These funds were used to build 21 new homes, and supply goats, chickens and fruit trees for the residents of a Haitian village. The impact after the trip was equally as impressive. The Caring House Foundation has also built new schools, orphanages, and countless homes for the Haitians.

Proceeds from Options University donations went towards building housing, schools, latrines, and also for purchasing livestock.

Signs of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti are still evident all over the city, which will take years to rebuild.

Touring a village in Jeremie, Haiti and some of the new homes built by the Caring House Foundation.

Visiting a new elementary school built for children by the Caring House

The Testasse project is a cooperative project with the Caring House Project, which was developed as a fully equipped fishing cooperative to help supply the village with 72 new houses and latrines.

Options University President Brett Fogle handing out toys and school supplies to the Children of Haiti.

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